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Located only 160 miles from Jackson Hole you will find diverse wildlife, notable mountain ranges, lakes and an extensive amount of history all right here. From parks and recreation to hunting and fishing, this area has a lot to offer any visitor or local. The famous Mercantile, Home of the Big Cone ice cream shop is located right downtown and is a must see. All restaurants, shops and convenience stores are locally owned and found within a small distance which makes Farson-Eden a pleasant and convenient place to visit anytime. Ski resorts, golf courses and other seasonal attractions can be found in as little as 40 - 80 miles away.  If you are planning a trip to the area soon or traveling through, consider stopping at one of the many nearby attractions. Some Interesting Facts about Farson-Eden, Wyoming Farson-Eden, WY Elevation: ~6700 feet...

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Some Interesting Facts about
Farson-Eden, Wyoming

Farson-Eden, WY 

Elevation: 6700 feet

Population: 660

Median Resident Age: 38 years

Land Area: 140 square miles (4.7 people per sq. mile)

Lowest Record Temperature: -52 degrees in Dec 1978

Highest Record Temperature: 97 degrees in June 1954

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